Why choose a Grace gown?

Comfort, versatility, ethically and sustainably made, and thoughtful, gorgeous designs. But most importantly, when you are wearing a Grace wedding gown, you know who made it, you feel absolutely incredible in it and as we work with stretch fabrics, we are a safe bet that your gown will fit beautifully when it arrives.

Where can I try on Grace Loves Lace gowns?

We have multiple showroom locations throughout the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia. Visit our Showrooms page to find one near you.

What does Ready To Wear mean?

Ready To Wear means your gown is in stock and has been made to a standard dress size and height (155cm shoulder to floor). Available for immediate purchase and delivery, our exclusive stretch laces and effortless silhouettes allow for an easy and comfortable fit. The hem can be easily adjusted by your trusted seamstress at your expense.

Compare the differences between RTW, MTO Standard and MTO Customised on our Ordering Timeframes page.

What does Made to Order Standard Mean?

Made to Order Standard means your gown will be made to your standard dress size and a shoulder to floor length of 155cm. Your MTO Standard gown will be a true representation of the sample you try in the showroom. Your order will be dispatched approximately 5 months after your purchase date unless delayed dispatch has been arranged.

Compare the differences between RTW, MTO Standard and MTO Customised on our Ordering Timeframes page.

What does Made To Order Customised Mean?

Made to Order Customised means your gown will be handmade in our Australian studio to your size range and height. Your measurements will determine the sizing and proportions that best suit you and will ensure your gown still fits even with normal body fluctuations before your wedding day. Your order will be dispatched approximately 6-8 weeks before your wedding date.

Compare the differences between RTW, MTO Standard and MTO Customised on our Ordering Timeframes page.


Made to Order Customised measurements fall within a pre-determined size range and are taken at different areas on the body to determine the best fit for your shape. For example — a bride may measure an XL bust, L under bust, XL waist and M hip, and we make your gown to the correct size range in each area. Each size has 5cm of range which is a standard variation. Our gowns have the perfect amount of stretch and support to accommodate this. This is helpful for comfort, movement and assisting with body fluctuations.

Made to Measure is a gown made specifically to the body’s exact measurements. This is most suited to formal and structured gowns. This can often be a lengthy process that requires multiple fittings and alterations which are costly. We do not use a Made to Measure system here at Grace Loves Lace, as it is not necessary for our stretch and easy fit gowns.

To learn more about our Made-to Order Customised gowns, visit our Ordering Timeframes and How Our Sizing Works page.


As all of our gowns are unique, they all vary in production time. Our average production time is 5 months for Made to Order gowns and dispatch times are additional. We advise brides to order their gowns as soon as they have decided on 'The One' to avoid any disappointment. Some Made to Order Customised gowns can be made in a shorter timeframe with a Priority Order fee and are dispatched 2-4 weeks before your wedding.

Will my gown be made to my exact measurements?

Your Made to Order Customised gown will not be made to your exact measurements. Your Made to Order gown is made to the size ranges closest to your measurements and your shoulder-to-floor height including heel height.

If you are purchasing a Ready to Wear gown, you should refer to our size range chart to best select the best RTW size to purchase. Keep in mind our gowns incorporate our signature stretch, versatile and flexible fit. Please refer to our sizing and ordering page for assistance with selecting your size. Visit the How Our Sizing Works page to learn more.

What is a size range?

A size range is a 5cm range that your measurements fall within and are taken at four, different areas on the body to determine the best fit for your shape. ​

For example — a bride may measure an XL bust, L under bust, XL waist and M hip, and we make your gown to the correct size range in each area.

When do I need to submit my measurements for my MTO gown?

We give you the opportunity to update your measurements as close as 6 months prior to your wedding date, to ensure we are working with your most accurate measurements. We do also always recommend having your local seamstress booked in close to your wedding date to make any final adjustments needed to you gown.


If you're wanting a Made to Order Customised gown and your wedding is between 10 weeks and 6 months away, you may be eligible for a Priority Made to Order Customised gown (for an additional fee). You can review the gown options with the Priority Made to Order Customised filter on our product pages.

If your wedding is less than 10 weeks away, we offer Ready to Wear gowns which are in stock and ready for immediate purchase and expedited delivery.

Visit our Ordering Timeframes page to learn more.


$400 USD

I don’t live near a showroom but want a GRACE gown, what are my options?

We have many brides who confidently order their gowns without visiting a showroom with the assistance of our Online Stylists. Reach out to them via [email protected] or chat with them online. We started as an online only business and have made the process so simple for you to feel confident that you can purchase a GRACE gown online stress free.


We always recommend ordering as soon as you have found ‘the one’ as our fabrics are limited, so we can't determine how long a style will be available for. However, we can accommodate Made to Order Standard up to 5.5 months before a wedding date. If your wedding is less than 5 months away and you require a Made to Order Customised gown, some styles can be made as a Priority Made to Order Customised for an additional fee.


From the moment you place your order our CX team will work with you to confirm your order, wedding date, sizing and measurements. Your gown will journey through testing including two final quality control checks conducted by our dedicated QC team who personally pack and dispatch each and every order.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes! We have ZIPpay available to our US and Canadian brides. HUMM Pay and Latitude Pay is available to our Australian brides.


Our returns policy depends on the product type, you can find more details on our Returns & Exchanges page.


Our gowns are ethically and sustainably made. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and craftsmanship with all of our design, quality control and dispatch being carefully managed in-house. Production is split between our Burleigh Heads production studio, domestic and international production partners with facilities that each meet our strict certification guidelines.

I changed my wedding date. What do I do about my dress?

Your wedding date determines your important production and dispatch dates. Please email [email protected] if you need to update your wedding date. If you are travelling for your wedding please provide us with your departure date rather than your wedding date so we can ensure your gown is received well before you leave.

How do I take my measurements?

Visit our How to take your Measurements page under Help & Info which outlines detailed instructions. We also offer measurement appointments in showrooms during Monday to Friday if you would prefer to return to a showroom for our stylists to take these for you.

Can I visit a showroom to get measurements done?  

We are happy to offer measurement appointments during our opening hours between Monday to Friday. We do reserve the weekend appointments for our brides looking for their perfect gown. Contact your stylist to book this measurement appointment in.

What if I lose/gain weight?

We go to every effort to ensure your dress is the right fit. If you place your order well in advance of your wedding date, then we can confirm your size right before your dress goes into production 6 months before your wedding, this is called your ‘lock in date’. Our dresses are crafted from luxurious stretch fabrics, so often if you drop a size in weight, it will still fit beautifully. It is also very easy to have the dress altered by a professional seamstress if you would like it to be a little more fitted.

Does Grace Loves Lace do alterations? 

Grace Loves Lace does not offer alterations as a service however we are able to connect you with companies that previous brides have recommended in most of our showroom cities. Please note that these companies are not affiliated with Grace Loves Lace.

What is 'My Account'?

My Account is your personal bridal dashboard where you can access your order information, wedding details and update your measurements and heel height prior to your lock in date.

I haven’t heard about my order yet? What do I do?

You will receive an order confirmation within 2 business days of you placing your MTO order and then again close to your lock in date. We will also contact you leading up to your dispatch date to confirm the correct delivery address.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship our gowns to over 80 countries worldwide. Visit out Shipping & Delivery page for more information.


united states

Orders for customers shopping at matetpsm.top are shipped from our studio based in Australia.

Your order will be sent via UPS Express or DHL which takes between 3-14 business days to arrive, depending on location. Our Dispatch team will send you tracking information so you can track your package.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer global complimentary shipping on all orders.

I'm overwhelmed with the wedding dress shopping process... What do I do?

Don’t worry, we totally get it and this is why Meg started Grace. We don’t want you to be stressed, you can speak to our stylists online to support you without feeling pressure to purchase. We have worked hard to simplify the process and our mission is to make the process of gown shopping fun and as low risk as possible. Also, a peppermint tea, and a good Spotify playlist helps.

Who is GRACE?

Grace Loves Lace was started by our founder and creative director Meg when she couldn’t find what she was looking for, and her Nonna’s name is Grace who passed on the family tradition of working with lace. Today, we are a 97% female led business with over 200 incredible staff, we live and breathe bridal and ethical and sustainable production and we absolutely love what we do.

Showroom Experience

How do I make an appointment?

You can book an appointment at any of our showrooms here. Please provide your wedding date, dress size, and up to 5 styles you wish to try on at your appointment. The more information you provide us the better!

Are showroom appointments free?

Our showroom appointments are completely free. 

How long do showroom appointments go for?

Our bridal appointments run for one hour. This allows you time to comfortably try on up to 5 of your favourite styles plus accessories to complete your look. We ask that you factor in parking and arrive a few minutes early to ensure you get the most of your appointment time. 

Why do I need to select gowns to try on before the appointment?

We ask for the styles you wish to try by name so we can ensure that these can be made in time for your wedding date and that we have your style sample in the showroom prepared for your arrival. We don’t carry every sample in every size so we want to be able to best prepare by having similar styles available to try. 

How many guests should I bring to my Bridal Appointment?

Saying yes to the dream gown is a meaningful and personal experience. It's natural to seek support during your appointment. Grace Loves Lace invites you to bring up to 3 guests with you, to your appointment. Whether you desire the support of your loved ones or prefer to come by yourself, our bridal stylists will be there to provide feedback and ensure you feel supported in making a decision that feels right for you. 

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment by getting in touch with the showroom by email or phone. 

Do I need to book an appointment to come in?

Grace Loves Lace operates by appointment only to ensure we have ample time to prepare for your visit. Purchasing your dream gown is quite different from buying an everyday outfit. Given the unique nature of wedding dresses, they often require assistance to try on, and there is a need for various details during the booking process.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment and what should I bring?

It is helpful to know your wedding date, dress size and styles you wish to try prior to your appointment so when booking please provide those details if you can. You can also bring any undergarments you wish to wear on your special day. Some of our brides bring stick on bra’s, boob tape, shapewear and heels, to name a few.

When is the best time to book an appoinment?

The earlier, the better. Grace Loves Lace offers various gown types to accommodate different wedding needs. While some of our gowns are available for immediate purchase and delivery, others may take between 10 weeks to 6 months.  

We recommend scheduling your appointment as early as possible so you can explore all your options – from the Ready to Wear collection to Made to Order Standard or Customized. Having your appointment sooner also allows for additional alterations if needed.

What sizes are available to try on?

Although Grace Loves Lace wedding dress styles are available for purchase in sizes XXS to 5XL, please note that we have limited sizes and samples for trying on in our boutiques. 

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Given the extensive range of styles in store, most are available in sizes between an XS- 3XL. When booking your bridal appointment, providing information about your size allows us to prepare for your visit and, if necessary, arrange to ship the sample if it's not originally available. 

If we don't have the exact style and size you're looking for, our stylists will do their best to find something similar in the store that aligns with your vision and inspiration. 

What undergarments should I wear to try on wedding dresses?

We recommend opting for a neutral colour with as few embellishments or corsetry as possible. Wear comfortable undergarments that are easy to put on and take off to ensure you have a clear idea of how the dress looks on you. If you want the dress to fit the same way as it did in the boutique, avoid wearing lingerie that may interfere with the gown's fit and look. 

For the bra, choose one that you would feel comfortable wearing on your special day. We always recommend a strapless and seamless style. 

When selecting underwear, opt for seamless fabrics that do not show through and complement the dress.

Are your showrooms transgender friendly?

At Grace Loves Lace, we’re committed to inclusion, diversity and equality and we continually strive to evolve our showroom experience to ensure we’re contributing to a future that includes everyone. Integrity and passion fuel everything we do and creating the most comfortable and inclusive experience for our brides-to-be will always be our priority. 

We pride ourselves on genuinely caring about our team members, our customers and our community and offer one-on-one appointments in a private and peaceful setting. We have carefully crafted our showroom experience so that each bride’s appointment is true to our values; sophisticated, authentic, friendly and relaxed. 

We’re thrilled to welcome our transgender and non-binary customers into our showrooms, regardless of what stage they are at in their transition. Our friendly and approachable staff will go above and beyond to ensure all brides are made to feel comfortable during their appointment. 

In addition to our intimate, face-to-face styling services, we offer virtual appointments if our customers prefer to take their consultation from the comfort of their own home. Our passionate and skilful team of stylists offer a personalised service to support brides-to-be in selecting and styling their wedding outfits, from anywhere around the globe. Whatever style of appointment suits our brides, we offer it. 

What happens once I say 'Yes' to the dress?

Congratulations on finding the dream dress! While you may be absolutely in awe of your gown, please note that our showroom samples are for trying on only and are not for sale. 

Grace Loves Lace offers three options based on your wedding time frame: Made to Order Standard, Made to Order Customized, or Ready to Wear. When applicable, you will have the opportunity to provide your measurements in our boutique before placing an order with your bridal stylist. We always recommend ordering as soon as you find 'The One' to ensure the selected style and fabric will be available. 

Your order will be managed directly in-house before being dispatched for delivery to you.

Can I take my gown home on the day of my appointment?

Our showroom samples are to try on only and are not for sale. On the day you may purchase your Made to Order or Ready to Wear gown and this will be dispatched from Australia directly to your delivery address.